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September 11-12, 2015    |     Lynnwood, WA


Tree Walkers International (TWI) is proud to present MICROCOSM: the largest amphibian conservation event in the country and a celebration of the beauty and uniqueness of ecosystems through the keeping of naturalistic vivariums and aquariums.  The event brings together enthusiasts from a wide variety of hobbies, from tropical fishes to exotic amphibians and carnivorous plants and orchids.

The purpose of MICROCOSM is to encourage the practice of sustainable hobbies as well as encourage people to connect with the natural world. In this way, the glass boxes we keep – these microcosms – become portals to the wider world around us, from Ecuadorian cloud forests to West Papuan coral reefs and countless biomes between.

We invite you to join us: to be curious, to explore, and to more fully appreciate this wondrous world in which we live through the creation and care of naturalistic microcosms.

The 2-day event includes field trips, guest speakers, workshops, a vendor sale and live auction, all of which serve to raise funds for amphibian conservation through TWI's programs and initiatives.



Field Trips:
Throughout the day (see schedule)

Keynote Lecture/Mixer:
FREE & open to the public
Doors & cash bar open @ 7 PM


Vendor Show & Exhibition:
Talks & workshops throughout the day.
Doors open to the public: 10 AM
Live auction begins at 3 PM
Doors close: 4 PM